Koç University's Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations offers fellowships for scholars of the art, architecture, archaeology and history of Turkey from the Neolithic through Ottoman era.
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» Yeni Sergi | New Exhibition
Unutulmuş Krallık: Antik Alalah’ta Arkeoloji ve Fotoğraf /  The Forgotten Kingdom, Archaeology and Photography at Ancient Alalakh
» Moğollar Zamanında Bir Ticaret Yolu: Şehirler, Doğu'nun Ürünleri, Batı'nın Gümüşü
Koç Üniversitesi, AnaMed Oditoryum 25 Ağustos – 17:30 Profesör Thomas A. Sinclair
» Yeni Sergi | New Exhibition
Masum Bir Kent: Gündelik İstanbul Üzerine Mütevazı Fikirler An Innocent City: Modest Musings on Everyday Istanbul

An Innocent City: Modest Musings on Everyday Istanbul

An Innocent City: Modest Musings on Everyday Istanbul is an exhibition presenting the stories and illustrations of the everyday objects of Istanbul. Graduate students from Koç University chose 12 objects from the Museum of Innocence in Çukurcuma and searched the streets of Istanbul to find the lives of these objects.  Each student has created a narration of Istanbul unique to them, pondering over everyday objects such as a key or a bottle of the popular fizzy drink “gazoz.” The stories are of multiple Istanbuls - of today, of the recent past, and of one shrouded in nostalgia. A book published by Yapı Kredi Publications —containing essays of Ian Alden Russell, Oscar Ho, Pat Cooke, a postcard from Mark Dion and the stories of 12 objects—accompanies the exhibition.

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